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  • Nov 03 
    [ Kommentar ] Junan . Next format is formulated for the patterns and all themes for humans. The chance of the is done for humans. The accentu [...] Mehr...
  • Okt 12 
    [ Kommentar ] Dunsborough Beach Really nice piece of work.. Thank you for this. Really nice piece of work. All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, look [...] Mehr...
  • Sep 11 
    [ Kommentar ] Town Green Funeral Service. anchor google [url=]google[/url], [google](
  • Sep 10 
    [ Kommentar ] Brazil Surf. I would like to experience kitesurfing here in Brazil. I've heard a lot of beautiful things here. american electric mantenance
  • Sep 09 
    [ Kommentar ] Israel Apple support. anchor google [url=]google[/url], [google](
  • Sep 04 
    [ Kommentar ] Merimbula . English Übersetze diesen text in Deutsch super delivery food places near me water with a tiny entrance. short point lake smoo [...] Mehr...
  • Jul 18  
    [ Foto ] Cumbuco Brazil, Ceara. Lagoa do Cauípe
  • Jul 18  
    [ Foto ] Little Corn Island Nicaragua. kitesurf in the caribbean
  • Sep 29 
    [ Kommentar ] Jordan New Kite School. Hi Everyone, We've opened a new school to replace the old Aqaba Surf Center at Tala bay resort. Feel free to visit our website:
  • Jul 05 
    [ Kommentar ] South Lake Tahoe CA Lake Tahoe. Hi, Friends from Europe will spend time at Lake Tahoe and are searching for Info concerning spots at the Lake and rental of equipement! Thanks
  • Apr 01 
    [ Kommentar ] Sakalava KiteParadise Madagascar. KiteParadise Madagascar is a terrific kitesurf accommodation in Sakalava Bay, facing the famous sand bank, allowing you to jump straight from the bed onto the flat spot. This brand new hotel offer [...] Mehr...
  • Nov 24 
    [ Kommentar ] Porto Botte Porto Botte Kite Spot information. Hello kiters, you can find all the required info on Porto Botte Kite Spot here
  • Jan 25 
    [ Info ] Secured navigation Wannakitesurf is now only available thru secured (SSL/HTTPs) navigation. Feel free to report any bugs or wired behavior while browsing/contributing to the kite spots.
  • Dez 28 
    [ Kommentar ] Taiwan Kiteboarding lesson in Taiwan. We are IKO instructors. We teach kiteboarding in south Taiwan. Our website is
  • Jul 09 
    [ Info ] Phishing pages Hackers succeeded into injecting some scripts into our server file system; mainly phishing pages (fake Dropbox and/or Email client login page; asking you to login with your Gmail/Yahoo account). We are pretty sure these phishing pages were NOT linked/used within this website; probably used in phishing email campaigns. Your community information (email, password, personal information) from this website were not compromised; but if you have been redirected to these pages it is strongly recommended that you change your email password. Sorry for the inconvenience Wanna Team
  • Jun 20 
    [ Kommentar ] Colonel kite partner. Hi, I'm a beginner and searching for kitesurf partners in Lebanon
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Shartash Russia.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Shartash Russia.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Shartash Russia.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Mussulo Lagoon Angola.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] KiteBeach Turks Caicos. Iguana Island
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Tajora Libya.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Tajora Libya.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Tripoli Harbor Libya.
  • Mär 04  
    [ Foto ] Tripoli Harbor Libya.

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